Jashan releases 'Yaad' feat. Valeria

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The stage has been set for the expression of new and unexpected dimensions of Jashan’s intimate, compelling, and soul-filled artistry, watch video here.


Song - Yaad
Singer - Jashan Feat. Valeria
Singer - Jashan
Lyricist - Bhatti Bhariwala
Music - Jaidev Kumar

“When you become a celebrity and a legend in the field that you’re in, everybody thinks they know you and people form opinions about you without really knowing who you are,” he observes. “Nobody really knows you until they know the things you’ve been through. The only way to do that was to tell my story. In life there are two sides to every story, but unfortunately in my case there are about forty different sides to the story.”

Jashan is unquestionably the leading figure of his generation. His instinctive understanding of rhythm, passion for performing, willingness to take creative risks and natural charisma has led Jashan down a musical path of artistry and superstardom.

Jashan has always known that in order to have an enduring career, his musical evolution must never end. That is why he has honed his creative spirit by exploring the diversity of music genres. Knowing that music has no boundaries has fed his artistic growth and inspired his voice to become a vehicle of diverse expression. With perseverance and hard work over the course of years we are now here with the debute.

“So here it is my 1st Soulocoaster Ek Yaad”

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