T-Minder supports organisation yesHEis

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Many people have raised question to T-Minder, "Where have you been? Why haven't you released new music? When is your new stuff releasing?

T-Minder quotes, "I would like to tell people i haven't hidden away anywhere but a recent event that took place that was named "Dehli Gang Rape" opened my eyes and gave me the urge to support and raise awareness for this subject.

I have taken a little break from making new music and in that time i have dedicated my time to support a organisation called yesHEis and raise awareness so in the near future such events may not happen and take place to affect innocent victims.

I look forward to all my followers to help and support me raise a voice against rape and from prevent another "Dehli Gang Rape" from happening.

Please watch the video and support this awareness.


Rape is one of India's most common crimes against women. It is one of the biggest talking points today. It is said that a new rape case is reported every 20 minutes. With the news currently getting more involved in rape attacks, it is a topic that is very current in the country.

This short film demonstrates the real life stories that occur in today's society. The aim of the video is for men to understand how it feels to be in a woman's shoes through this torturous time.

The video shows a women who is about to get raped, she shouts 'how would you feel if this happened to you'. This is where the director switches the role and shows the man getting raped by the women. The video ends with the male asking for forgiveness as he realises that he was selfish.

Watch and share and help yesHEis raise awareness!