Bohemia releases 'Rooh'

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Rooh” is the latest single by Bohemia which has been released via iTunes worldwide on July 1st 2013 - check out the Full Video here!


Rooh (Soul) - Single - Bohemia

While abandoning his original, self-tailored genre of Punjabi Rap, Bohemia hits notes in “Rooh” that are bound to touch a chord. Bohemia’s personal past history is laid bare in the song. His attitude of weary surrender adds more chilliness to the atmosphere of the song. Bohemia’s frustrated words are the main ingredient which results in a truly brilliant, epic song of pain, regret, and a failing struggle for closure.

The soothing music and gentle melody accompanying the chorus will make sure “Rooh” stands out as a true classic. Music is produced by the rising Prince Sahib.

Music video for “Rooh” is produced by High Life Bahrain and directed by Saleh Nass of Element Productions. Set in the dreamy deserts of Bahrain the scenery matches the mode of the song magically.

Bohemia started his career as a near-novelty, a Desi teenager from California, delivering, hardcore rap music, a style of music which was unheard of at the time. But within a few years he has pretty much reinvented the Desi pop music scene and influenced not only youth to start rhyming Punjabi lyrics to hip-hop beats, but the Bollywood superstars as well. Known worldwide as the creator of Punjabi Rap music, Bohemia’s latest album ‘Thousand Thoughts’ has received the ‘Best Punjabi Album’ award at PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2013

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