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A KickDrugs Production, Music by Immortal Prodcutions, the movie tries to explore the reasons for a person to fall in drug addiction with an attempt to provide a solution to come out of it.

Speaking to the Director about this project, " I intend to keep the description very brief watch the movie and make your own views.

A KickDrugs Production

Written, Edited and Directed by : Satdeep Singh
Cinematography(D.O.P) : Dev Singhania

Lyrics: Jaideep Saarang
Music: Immortal Productions

Cast: Atvinder Singh , AmritPal Singh Billa Bhaji , Malkeet Rauni , Gogi Kohli , Taran Raj Bamra , Jaspreet Singh Rehan , Gurkaran Singh , Navneet Kaur , Balbir Singh and others


0 #1 kararra 2013-07-12 14:45
Glad to see a movie with some real essence with some real characters and actors is being made. Beyond? the usual "jatt" "botal" and "raflaan" type bullshit that only ruins the Punjabi culture

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