Ryaan ft Myssah - Tension Ko Goli Maro (Video)

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As the name suggests “Tension ko goli maro” is an energetic fun dance number. In a time where world recession, politic disturbances and natural disasters seem to be the headlines day in day out the song offers a glimmer of hope with a suggestion ke tension ko goli maro.

So lets leave our stresses behind for a day put on our dancing shoes forget about our worries and TENSION KO GOLI MARO – rall mill ke nacho gao.

The duet features the highly talented Ryaan with his debut single along with North American sensation Myssah. Tension ko goli maro is a sure fire dancefloor hit. Having received rave reviews already the pop /Bollywood number has already attracted a number of enquiries from film producers from both Pakistan and India even prior to its release.

The video showcases both Ryaan and Myssah’s vocal talents along with their performances. Both artists are excellent performers and comfortable in front of the camera and this comes through in the video to tension ko goli maro. We can comfortably claim that such a video has never been shot before for an Asian artist in the Western world.

The high budget video would not look out of place in a Bollywood movie and that in itself is testament to the commitment of the 2 artists and their management company AP Entertainment. In fact it was shot in one of the best movie studios in Mumbai over 5 days. Salman Khan who was shooting in the next studio was so impressed with what he heard about the duo that he personally came down to see their work. In fact Ryaan is wearing a shirt given to him especially by Salman for some of the shots. No compromises have been made with regards to the production of the song or the video and the end product is the result of many months of hard work.

Ryaan - The sensational new star from Canada

With years of contribution to the growing Canadian Bollywood music scene Ryaan has created a household name for himself. A complete artist Ryaan is a singer, producer and performer of the highest calibre, Ryaan shines the most when he is on stage delivering energetic live performances which captivate audiences from across the globe. Ryaan utilizes his immense talent by effortlessly flipping from singing to dancing to getting the crowd to go wild with his unique routines creating an unforgettable entertainment experience.

His talent has given him the opportunity to travel the world including countries such as Canada, Dominican Republic, The United States, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. With repeat concert bookings on a weekly basis, he continues to expand his international fan-base!!

On a more personal level, Ryaan is an inspiration for youth around the South Asian Community. His energetic charisma, good looks, an eye for fashion and most importantly his dedication to his career will ensure that Ryaan is the biggest Asian artist from Canada since the arrival of Raghav over a decade ago. Ryaan is incredibly passionate about charity work and is heavily involved with HEAL - a charity helping to take homeless children off the streets of poorer countries giving them shelter and educating them.

Ryaan has now committed to working with AP Entertainment - Europe's leading artist management company. AP have been instrumental in shaping and enhancing the careers of many leading Asian artists Rahim Shah, Fuzon, Mona Singh, Sona walia and Hunterz to name but a few.

Ryaan has begun his musical journey and is bringing the industry a much needed breath of fresh air. An artist like Ryaan comes once in a decade and this high energy singing dancing star is sure to be a hit across the globe.

"MYSSAH" known as The Girl with the Golden Voice is a Dazzling beauty, an International singing star and an absolute power to reckon with!

"MYSSAH - In Arabic Means "The Sparkle of a Diamond" which is symbolic of her personality, charm and beauty!

"Tall and beautiful with a mesmerising voice and a stage presence that makes Myssah not just a great singer but also an awesome live performer. Her charm and personality come through at every performance. She is an extremely versatile artist and can sing in Hindi, English and Punjabi... covering all from the latest to old Bollywood, Punjabi, Pakistani and English Pop hits as well as her own hit numbers!

"Myssah comes alive on stage delivering a performance of music, glamour and dance that is unrivalled. Her tremendous ability to capture any audience with her mesmerizing performances has made her popular all around the world including countries such as Canada, Dominican Republic, The United States, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan and Malaysia. With repeat concert bookings on a weekly basis, she continues to expand her international fan-base!!

"Myssah has also had the honour of sharing the stage with some of the industry’s most celebrated artists including.... Manna Dey, Atif Aslam, Pankaj Udhas, hearththrob's Jay Sean and Imran Khan (Amplifier), RDB, Raghav, Apache Indian, Ali Zafar, Stereo Nation, Kashif & the Bilz, Punjab's Miss Pooja and many more. In addition to all this she was one of the very few Canadians who had the opportunity to walk the Green carpet at the 2011 IIFA Awards in Toronto along with known Bollywood Stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Bipasha Basu, Arbaaz Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty ... the list goes on and on....

"Myssah is now in the capable hands of AP Entertainment – one of Europe’s leading artist management companies. AP has been responsible for launching and enhancing the careers of many major artists – Rahim Shah, Fuzon, Mona Singh, Sona Walia and Hunterz to name but a few.

"There is no stopping Myssah! Her talent looks and personality are sure to make her one of the most sought after Asian artists in the world in the coming year.