Adil Hashmi & S.I.B - Jaana (Video)

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Singer Adil Hashmi & Rapper S.I.B have joined to bring you their first debut Urban Asian RNB Track for 2013. Supporting Cancer Research UK through their single "JAANA" with the single as a free download - watch video here!

To support the track people can donate to Cancer Research UK.

The single "JAANA" is a non-profit project and 100% donations will go to Cancer Research UK.

Adil Hashmi & S.I.B Statement:
"We all have been affected by Cancer, through family, friends or even going through it ourselves. We hope you enjoy the track JAANA and can donate whatever you can to show your support of the single."

You can download the Free Song from the link below.

You can donate online or by Text.

To Donate any amount by Text Send "JAAN99 £_" to 70070

When recieving your text, make sure you Click for your Gift Aid at no Extra Cost and leave your name and a comment to Support the single :)

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