Pravini releases 'Move Me To Tears' video

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Watch the Full Video to Move me to Tears follows the hit single Armed & Sexy, which attracted the attention of media at her home in The Netherlands and abroad.  ‘Move me to tears’ is out now via iTunes.

Singer / songwriter Pravini surprises many with her warm, exotic look and her rocking live performance. Armed with her own band Pravini brings soul music that is strongly influenced by hiphop, rock and rhythms of South America and India. A combination that comes natural because of her Surinamese and East-Indian background. The energetic performance of Pravini and versatility of her band are bound to capture the audience.

Pravini’s achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. She performed in shows on NTR Near Netherlands (Radio 5), Radio Amor, Radio Mart and RPL FM Woerden and at music venues such as the Trojan Horse and Tivoli. She appeared on Simply Bhangra (UK), Times of India (India), did a (media) tour in Suriname and received an enthusiastic review by Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion (USA).

Pravini has now signed a contract with the U.S. Agency Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion, which will promote her album in Los Angeles and New York.

After the previous uptempo singles Pravini shows her softer and most soulful side with the ballad Move Me to Tears. Pravini’s new single will be available on iTunes now.


Move Me to Tears - Single - Pravini