Mumzy Stranger & Rishi Rich reunite to release “Runaway”

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Mumzy Stranger has reunited with his mentor Rishi Rich and is set to release his first single for over 2 years. The track called “Runaway” is out on Valentine’s Day on Tiffin Beats Records!

Having spent 2 years developing other artists like Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Char Avell and Ramee (Stranger Family), the time has now come for Mumzy Stranger to focus on his own solo career with the first of 3 releases this year and then followed by an album in October.

Mumzy Stranger who’s last release was the smash hit “Fly with me” in 2010 which was followed up by his award winning album “Journey Begins” has gone back to his soulful RnB roots with a track that purely shows off his amazing vocals.

The award winning artist who won UK AMA Best Urban Act in 2011 and 2010 BritAsia Best Urban Asian Act wrote “Runaway” with Rishi Rich and Veronica.

Mumzy Stranger commented “At the time we felt everyone has been or goes through this situation where a couple just wants to run away from any problems but it’s not as easy as that. So we thought to write about how you wish you could just go back to yesterday and change everything and runaway but now you’re regretting everything because of your love of your life is gone. Rishi produced an amazing piece of musical production and brought the track to life. Acoustic vibe was the one. Love this record”

“Runaway” is out on iTunes on 14th Feb, 2013.