Bally releases Down 4 U

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Down 4 U is the second single to be released from Bally’s album, suitably titled A Dose of Bally, watch the full video here!


Down 4 U is an electro vibe track, definitely a ladies anthem which oozes attitude. Down 4 U is a song about female empowerment, a modern woman standing strong for her man; the video portrays different facets of a confident, independent and fearless female with subtle undertones of femininity.

The album A Dose of Bally is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s ‘a dose of Bally’ bringing a mixture of high energy up-lifting trax to a more mellowed out sound; A Dose of Bally isn’t to cure a hangover, it’s to cause one! The current single Down 4 U and the infectious Tigerstyle Remix of Move It both feature on the album.

A Dose of Bally will soon have you addicted to a feeling of fun, whilst injecting inspiration to overcome life’s little obstacles. Get your prescription of A Dose of Bally from the links below, and enjoy! ;)

A Dose of Bally - Bally