Introducing 16yr old Asim Azhar

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Having won the hearts of thousands of fans in his native Pakistan, 16 yr old heart throb, Asim Azhar, is getting ready to set the world on fire. Check out the Whistle (Punjabi Remix) Video here!


Eager to share his talent with the world, Asim showcased his charisma and youthful energy through a series of youtube cover videos to his favorite songs. His hit “Urdu Remix” to Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You” catapulted Asim into the limelight over night. Known to some as the “Pakistani Bieber”, Asim’s videos are regularly played on TV with a rapidly growing fan base, already at 10,000+.

His newest release, Punjabi Remix to Flo Rida’s “Whistle” has been shared over 2 thousand times on facebook in the first few days. The remix is a smooth rendition of the songs original chorus, while incorporating pop rap verses in mixed Punjabi and English. The Video, a Wild Works Production, is an energetic visual that shows Asim as he wants to be seen; a teenager, enjoying life. With Asim at the wheel, it is clear that Pakistan has entered a new generation of global pop, and the world is watching.


areej khan
0 #2 cool singerareej khan 2015-02-20 16:34
Asim azhar is a cool guy i love his songs he is a splendid,tremen dous,brilliant singer .youngest singer in pakistan
Mishal Nasir
0 #1 ASIMATEMishal Nasir 2014-01-30 18:46
Asim Azhar is amazing. He is one in a million. A beautiful miracle. Pleasing voice. Charming looks. Simply, adorable.

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