Gary Sethi - Motivational South Asian on An Inspiring Mission

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Gary Sethi – Motivational South Asian on An

Inspiring Mission

Gary Sethi, is a South Asian who has now become a household name for fitness fanatics world-wide. At the age of 19 his transformation took place through a series of "awakening" events that sparked the desire to start respecting his body as a temple, and commence a spiritual journey for his mind, body and soul. Gary has come along way since his journey started. He is now on the path to helping other South Asians to achieve their goals in creating a healthy body image for themselves through the means of personal fitness consultations, counselling and personal training but still maintaining the balance of living a religious and cultural lifestyle.

Gary is the Director of the "GetSerious Project" which is the first International health and Awareness forum for the South Asian Community. He is working with a team of like-minded professionals from various countries intending to inspire South Asians globally through motivational health/ cultural awareness articles, blogs, documentaries, and personal experiences using positive Media. The project is long term and will encourage South Asians to take pride in their cultural backgrounds by relating specific messages through the forum. The GetSerious Project team will be exposing and tackling taboo issues through true life experiences and engaging with the community to take a positive and sensible approach to such issues. The project ethos is simple and clear; To collectively set goals by evolving the way we think and successfully enriching our minds by understanding our Cultural roots In order to Identify, Observe, and Understand Health and Social issues amongst South-Asians.

It is this persistent hard work, that has encouraged the South Asian community to recognise Gary Sethi and present him with “Canadian Youth of the Year Award 2011” and honouring “Charter of Rights and Freedoms Plaque” during Canada Day festivities. There are many attributes to Gary Sethi - he is a Motivational Role Model, Realist and Fitness Trailblazer with a burning passion to help the youth today in order to live a better future.

His motto in life is simple; "Believe to Achieve"

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