Tarn Mann - Cars Weed God

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Tarn Mann is a Indian Born Actor/Musician who is currently living in Canada. He worked on the hit movie by Gippy Grewal 'Mirza: The Untold Story' & is currently working on new projects.

Having acted in 13 Bollywood episode serials with Lt. Om Parkash, he is now working on his own material.

He has written, sung & directed the video 'Cars Weed God' on his own

It is about Reality and Dreams and How all Humans are Same and Different A guy is sleeping totally unaware of 'Real' world like everybody else doesn't like to wake up.Greatness of Mother who Does everything

2nd guy, like most humans not satisfied with what they have, always looking for more, always Angry at the 'Father' who Provides him everything.Consider Father as a God or Actual Father

3rd guy,some people in this World got everything easy they never had to struggle much

They are all same, they love their Cars and they want to go to Space and fly around the universe

How the story builds up ?

In First Verse Girl is 'Angry' outside the Car called the Cab and he literally begs her to get in his car. Guy has to work to get things done

2nd Verse, Girl is 'Neutral' doesn't know what to do, a phase that everybody gone through in their life.She doesn't want to leave the Guy even though they are different but Love holds them Together

3rd Verse, all 'Set up' for a guy like few people

Going to Space

They all think they will have fun in Space but like Life unexpected twist happens in their Story they end up going in God's Kingdom.2nd guy doesn't believe in God so he Questions and blames him for everything Bad in the World

Lord works in Mysterious ways, he answers by moving the Stars

2nd guy got the answer but is not ready to change his thinking and question again.Finally he got his Answer

Finally they all 'Woke up' they all shared a common dream, a bit unusual.They are trying to figure out what happens,to some things there are not satisfiable answers.

2nd guy picked up Joint to smoke but then he thinks, is it taking me over and then instead of looking outward he looks into his own self

He learned the Reality from Dream

Again it depends upon individual to individual how he defines Dreams or Reality