MummyJi Presents - Ep.3 feat. Rita Morar, Ministry of Dhol & Neha

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Here’s the third and final episode of ‘MummyJi Presents’ from Rifco Arts and Watford Palace Theatre for The Space:

Watch Here:

Before the live showcase next Thursday, MummyJi meets the final three acts. This week features interviews and performances from deaf Bollywood dancer Nehal Bhogaita, dhol drummers Ministry of Dhol and singer-songwriter Rita Morar. All acts will be performing at ‘MummyJi Presents Live Show’ at Watford Palace Theatre on October 11th 2012 which will be streamed live on The Space from 8pm.

Watch episode one and two featuring musician Soumik Datta, Sufi inspired singer Ali Abbas, indie girl band The Tuts, Bhangra troupe Asian Street Remix, singer-songwriter Kuran Dohil and body-popper Muntaqa Dar -

Nehal Bhogaita

Despite being deaf from birth, Nehal’s determination and passion for Bollywood has led to her becoming an extraordinary dancer. Through feeling the beats and vibrations of music, she has performed in a number of dance competitions including international shows Boogie Woogie and Just Dance. In 2007, she was awarded two NCT Star Awards, for ‘Outstanding Dancer’ and ‘Overcoming Obstacles In Life’. As part of her work at Action Deafness, Nehal is leading a dance project where she teaches deaf and hard of hearing individuals how to dance.

Ministry of Dhol

Ministry of Dhol are an exciting group of dhol drummers who perform rigorous beats with immense enthusiasm and musical precision. Ministry of Dhol is one of the UK’s most creative dhol groups, presenting traditional folk beat patterns whilst pushing the limits of the instrument by experimenting with urban sounds. They can often be seen supporting the Asian Dub Foundation.

Rita Morar

Specialising in Hindi and English vocals, music has always been an important aspect of Rita’s life. Whether it be playing the harmonium or having a great interest in a fusion of music from Bollywood to Electronica, Rita continues to strive for a greater understanding in music. Rita’s debut song with Steve ‘Fingerz’ Carty called ‘Rain’ which she wrote and sang was released as a Dubstep remix and led to her being chosen by BBC Asian Network as for ‘Friction Introducing Artist of the week’ in April 2010. Rita is currently working on her EP and other projects.

On Thursday, 11th October 2012, the stage at Watford Palace Theatre will be converted into MummyJi’s larger than life, bright and extravagant desi living room; ready to host a variety of spectacular performances and comedy for ‘MummyJi Presents Live Show’. Join MummyJi and her friends for an evening of entertainment and laughter in true Rifco Arts style. Watch dazzling performances and support new talent; from beautiful Hindi singing to girl power Rock, Sufi to soul, electrifying body popping to energetic Bhangra and plenty more!

To watch the show online simply log onto The Space website from 8pm on Thursday, 11th October 2012.

The Space is a free digital, pop-up arts service, developed by Arts Council England in partnership with the BBC, that transforms the way people connect with, and experience, arts and culture. Rifco Arts are one of 53 successful arts organisations that have been commissioned to create original content for The Space.

MummyJi Presents’ is brought to you by the same team behind successful shows like ‘Britain’s Got Bhangra’, ‘There’s something about Simmy’ and ‘Where’s my desi soulmate?’. The show is directed and written by Pravesh Kumar. MummyJi is played and devised by Rifco Arts favourite - Rina Fatania.