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Turbo & Spee-d / British Asian Street Culture

June 25th presents Turbo n Spee-d - The Journey Begins

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Exactly what the title of the mixtape is, 'The Journey Begins'. This
mixtape is a mixture of garage, hip hop and asian flava brought to you with
the real life situations of British Asian Street Culture within Leicester
and the UK. It is basically the 'East is East' of the music industry. This
is just the start a stepping stone for people to recognise British Asian
Street Culture, Turbo n Spee d, June 25th and Karishma. There is much more
instore from these individuals so watch this space! Support what you are,
support British Asian Street Culture!



1. June 25th presents
2. Whose This- Turbo n Spee D
3. Street Talkz- Turbo n Spee D
4. It's That Time- Spee D
5. Girlz Girlz Girls- Turbo n Spee D
6. Life- Turbo
7. How We Come Thru- Turbo n Spee D
8. Back In The Day- Turbo n Spee D feat Karishma


Get copies from 2Funky or order directly online from only
£3.00 per copy!


British Asian Street Culture?

British Asian Street Culture Consists Of:  Turbo, Spee D & Karishma

" Exactly what the headline says! We are representing British Asian Street
Culture! You can't call us normal asian artists becuase we are actually
representing where we are coming from in terms of how we have grown up in
the UK and the kind of sounds we listen to is what we are going to push
through and what we see in our lives! We are not american, we are not
bhangra artists nor are we black or white but we are what we are! We are
British asians. The main point of this movement is to make a stand to
support asians with the work they do, as in equal oppurtunies and for
people to actaully sit back and listen before they make judgements. Support
what you are, British Asian Street Culture!  "

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