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Rishi Raj / Breaking The Stereotype?

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Bhangra has been mixed and blended with many different generes over the past few yearss, from reggae to garage to hiphop and reggeaton.

Rishi Raj from California USA, promises to deliver a new form of music, with Bhangra beats and styles being fused with rock,metal,hiphop and r&b.

Get ready for the bhangra stereotype to be broken! 


Mixin' up various styles... for you to shake that ass to. Rishi Raj self composes all off his music,  plays all tha instuments in his recordings (which is rare to say the least from any desi artist), and will tickle ya ear with his vocal flava... American Born, Punjabi Desi, now in tha Bay Area...Cali... Rishi Raj has lived all over the USA traveled to India. Bringin you his unique style of music, blended together from his various tastes in life and culture.

His new album is titled 'Cali-Desi-Collabo' and is a crazy mix up of "HIP-CRUNK-PHUNK-BHANG-ROCK-HOP"  of which all has been 100% self produced

Samples of a few tracks can be found above, be sure to check them out! has always paid a keen intrest in promoting new talent  across the globe, and Rishi Raj is no different. The ability to fuse together so many different generes, using nothing but his own creativity is something to keep an eye out for.


Check back here for my own review of 'CALI-DESI-COLLABO' 

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