iLL Manors set to hit cinemas June 6th

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iLL MANORS is the highly anticipated directorial debut by British music artist Ben Drew (aka Plan B), taking viewers on a thrilling ride through action and music.  The film stars highly acclaimed British Asian actor and musician Riz Ahmed in the lead role.

The first of its kind, iLL MANORS is a bold and visually stunning unique crime thriller, harrowing and shocking, yet laced with street-wise humour. Set in the backdrop of the unforgiving streets of London, the film follows six disparate lives, all struggling to survive the circles of violence that engulf them. 

iLL MANORS revolves around a series of events that inter-weave between characters and their narrative interplay: Junkie Michelle (ANOUKSA MOND) is looking for her next hit, leading her to cross a destructive path with the raw and menacing thuggery of Ed (ED

SKRIEN) the local drug-dealer, who will stop at nothing to find his missing phone. Newly released from prison, ex-drug dealer Kirby (KEITH COGGINS), attempts to readjust back into the treacherous streets that put him away 15 years ago, and in doing so encounters

local gangster Chris (LEE ALLEN), on his own warpath, and out for revenge. The youngest of them all is Jake (RYAN DE LA CRUZ INDIANDA), who finds a dark and icy acceptance in a local gang lead by Marcel (NICKOLAS SAGAR). The outsider, Katya (NATALIE PRESS), races through the London streets to escape her sex traffickers and stumbles upon Aaron (RIZ AHMED), the central protagonist, just trying to do the right thing  - but torn between his head and his heart.