Introducing Digital Desi (Professa DJ)

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Introducing Professa DJ from Australia and his successful show Digital Desi!

Digital Desi 8 by Professa DJ

It all started in 1996 - Known only as DJ Joop, a well known figure on the RnB club circuit & resident DJ at one of the biggest and longest running clubs in Melbourne (Twister) on Saturday nights. Also guest DJ'ed at most of the clubs and events in and around Melbourne.

It was only until attending punjabi parties/weddings/events that sore ears were a common theme which was caused by the DJ's that failed at DJ'ing. The idea of delivering a real Bhangra DJ product was born - and it was an imminent takeover.

Born and brought up in the UK - the sounds of Alaap, Heera and Gurdas Mann were always playing in the ears. However, it was the presence of frizzy haired Jazzy B and the raw sounds of Panjabi MC that made Bhangra feel folk yet cool and funky.

The idea of fusing the RnB and dance sounds with Bhangra was a hit - and after playing at a few club gigs and private gigs - DJ Joop became the name and Australia's Most Wanted DJ.

After dramatically changing the movement for the Australian Bhangra industry - calls from Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide were common and DJ Joop was off travelling from state to state with his silver case and playing at almost every major event around Australia.

Digital Desi 7 by Professa DJ

"It was going crazy, I was covering 4 gigs in 3 days and in 3 different states - I felt like I was spreading that Bhangra message to everyone" - Professa DJ

Touring live as guest DJ alongside DJ VIX, DJ Kayper, the mighty Panjabi MC, while being credited as "the next big thing", but it was the Australian tour by Super producer Surinder Rattan (UK) when the name Professa came about.

Digital Desi 6 by Professa DJ

Only recently with success of the online radio show Digital Desi - the world has started to take note that Professa DJ is a highly rated DJ and not one to blow his own trumpet. It has taken a while - however Professa DJ is packing his silver case and about to go world wide......


Professa DJ
0 #2 Professa DJ 2012-05-11 05:11
Number 8 is also out now[censored]-8
0 #1 Joop 2012-04-27 03:23
THANKS for visting this....
Its a monthly radio show with mixes, some news and some random blah blah blah

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