The Loft - 'Mahi Ve' - Kaante Movie Cover

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After the debut cover of the legendary Gurdas Mann's Sajna Ve Sajna, The Loft have come with a second release of a cover from the film Kaante, 'Mahi Veh'.

Their sound is like no other, fusing traditional Indian beats with western flavours. Unafraid to try something different, this unsigned Asian band comprise of six members all bringing their own ingredient to the table.

The cover shows the true versatility of the band by showing off a chilled and relaxed perspective of a classic Hindi song.

We always appreciate constructive feedback and always try to improve on that feedback’.

2012 is looking to be a busy but enjoyable year for The Loft with many plans in mind. You can catch The Loft on Facebook, ‘The Loft - Asian Music Experience’, Twitter ‘TheLoftBand’ and Youtube ‘TheLoftExperience’. For all the future gigs and news on the band, check out the website


Mr B
0 #4 Mr B 2012-04-21 18:50
The singer has improved a lot since the first song. Just shows that this young team is prepared to put the hard work and effort in. Well done boys.
0 #3 desi_monda 2012-04-19 12:55
Credit to u guys, both track u've done have been some thing different. I like the idea of u changing the video however your first video showed your raw talent, i would of like to see a few more like that before u got the 'music video' look. just a suggestion... keep it up!
0 #2 WeeMan 2012-04-19 09:36
The singer is improved from last time. Give you the credit for that! But still too much uk-ness in you're voice :-)

The track however is boring rather than chilled. Nothing talking about the talent though, the track won't do well at parties or at any ceramony. For me it's bedroom music.
china jatt
+3 #1 china jatt 2012-04-19 08:10
ths singer has improved from the first song sounds good well done lads bringing back the live bands

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