Nivla release Feet On The Ground Video

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Produced by DJ Corbett, "Feet On The Ground" expresses Nivla's frustrations and downfalls since his Interscope Deal in '08 and how he struggles to keep his sanity in an industry full of smoke and mirrors.


The song has a live rock feel along with a rock chorus. The video depicts Nivla's struggle with alcohol and a premonition of his own death by suicide. The video was directed by Vid-Arroyo for CineStyle Video Group,

Nivla is a Hip Hop artist hailing out of Westchester New York, just north of The Bronx and of Indian decent. Back in '08 he became the first Indian rapper to sign with a Major label in the US (Interscope Records). In the years that preceded the Interscope signing, Nivla attained great feats like features on XXL Magazine, appearances on National and International television shows like MTV, major newspapers features and even landed production by Just Blaze. However, The year is now 2012 and all that feels like a lifetime ago. Nivla continues his pursuit to achieve greatness not only for himself, but also as the Hip Hop voice for an entire sub-continent.

Nivla's music can be summed up by one word - HONEST. All of his music is true to who he is, what he represents and what life has thrown his way. Either on a Club, Dancehall, Down South or Gutter Hip Hop Beat, it's evident Niv comes straight from the heart every single time.