Zaheer - Heart in Chains (Free Download)

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So far, 2012 has seen Zaheer featured as a BBC 3 Counties musician, productions featured on KISS TV and Channel 4 Music, and dropping a guest hip hop mix for DJ Kayper's Friday night BBC Asian Network show. Now, comes a unique production piece which could be considered his most creative to date.

Zaheer - Heart in Chains by ZaheerMusic

Inspired by (and sampling) Kate Voegele, "Heart In Chains" profiles an innovative fusion of sounds. This piece packs a punch with signature big drums and beefy bass, alongside a progressive melodic soulstep sound, mixed with an alt-rock edge.

The song is currently available as a free MP3. Also, there is a special instrumental version being given out for any artist, welcoming the opportunity to remix and dub the instrumental should they wish to.

"It's not often you hear wobbles mixed with guitar solos and piano chords""

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