Introducing TaZzZ

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TaZzZ is a UK MC/Rapper, Producer & Sound Engineer, who also runs his own music studio called "TaZzZ RecordingZ" in East London



He gained attention from his first debut commercial track “How Could You” released in 2007, which was aired on B4U Music, Zee Music and also Channel AKA (Channel U).

The track was playlisted on major radio stations such as BBC Asian Network, Radio 1, Buzz Asia etc.

TaZzZ has shown his production skills as well as his lyrical talent on his bollywood projects entitled "Bollywood Fusion Vol.1&2", released in 2007/08, which were hugely successful.

TaZzZ has also worked with artists such as, Kan D Man, PMG, Mandeep Sethi, Dub Sharma, Swami Baracus, Notorious Jatt & Jookie Mundo to name a few.

TaZzZ co-produced and featured on Kan D Man's mixtape entitled "The Sneak Preview.

Early January 2012 saw the release of TaZzZ's smash hit #1 single "Radha" taken off his mixtape entitled "TaZzZ-Mania". The single features artists including some of the biggest and best Burban names hailing from the UK such as Raxstar, RKZ, Menis, PMG & UK's very own punjabi rapper Kan D Man. The single was produced by TaZzZ himself as well as him featuring on it.

The single became a chart breaker on radio hitting number 1 on many huge stations and was heavily rotated. The single was also playlisted by Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music. It showed how far asian urban music can reach outside of its own comfort zone.

February 2012 saw the release of his first solo mixtape entitled "TaZzZ-Mania". The mixtape consists of 15 tracks, including the smash hit #1 single ‘Radha’.

Also in the mixtape is ‘Lost In The Game’, a hard-hitting beat produced by Mumbai’s Bass Master Dub Sharma establishing TaZzZ as a powerful and distinguishable rapper.

TaZzZ-Mania includes ‘Stay Hungry’ featuring Cali’s very own SlumGod Mandeep Sethi, and the UK’s own Baracuda, Swami Baracus, fusing real talk and real rap with a haunting Bollywood sample. The track was loved by Nihal (BBC Radio 1) quoting: "proper soulful hip hop music"

"TaZzZ-Mania" is a taster of what is coming, while he’s currently working on his commercial E.P.

Download "TaZzZ-Mania" for free at:



+1 #1 Rajj 2012-02-24 14:11
this is embrassing i couldnt even watch the whole video. the small fat dude agruing with the tall girl is funny, hes looking up at her. Nothing original about this track. Stupid underground MC's, just stay underground and never come baock up.

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