A Rising Comedy Superstar, Parmjeet Jassi (Bhakna Amli)

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Parmjeet Jassi (Bhakna Amli) has endless energy to make anybody energetic with his heart throbbing comedy.

At the age of 18 yrs, he has started his comedy career and released his comedy Movie, "Bhakna Amli Sauch Bolda". The movie was released by Company called Anand Music.  Apart from this,  he has also showed his talent in  movies ( Tragi Wala Baba , Bhua Ka Tidda , Beebo Bhua Must Must , Ek Kargil Hor, Beebo Bhua Fari Gayi , Bhua Diya Kutkatariya )  punjabi  comedeys movies as co star.

He is also doing punjabi programes which are talecast on punjabi TV channels like on Chardikla Time TV, on a program called '3 duni 8' which is you can view every Thursday at 8:30 PM.  Also on PBCTV program called, 'Fitteh Mooh'.

Parmjeet Jassi (Bhakna Amli) has something special in his comedy many add, he is a master of notes and has a great control over  his unlimited improvisation power. This great combination of art and performance shined when he started to perform live . He has performed many shows all over the world.






+1 #3 RE: A Rising Comedy Superstar, Parmjeet Jassi (Bhakna Amli)sodapop 2010-05-29 13:03
lame, this isnt bhajna amli by the way, its someone trying to copy him and failing badly
china jatt
0 #2 RE: A Rising Comedy Superstar, Parmjeet Jassi (Bhakna Amli)china jatt 2010-05-13 15:48
itts bhajna amli not bhakna amil lol you got the comedians name wrong
0 #1 guvi 2010-05-07 16:00
lol his funny, bringing the roots from panjab outside to us away from home, thank you.

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