Win a copy of Miss Pooja's 'Panjaban- Love Rules Hearts' Cd!

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SIMPLYBHANGRA.COM in association with Eros International is giving you the chance to win a cd from Miss Pooja's movie, PANJABAN – Love Rules Hearts .

We have 10 Copies to give away, so if you want a chance to win one, all you have to do is answer the following questions!

Who is playing the double role of Jot and Preet in Panjaban?

1. Kulraj Randhawa
2. Neeru Bajwa
3. Miss Pooja

What is the punch line of the movie Panjaban?

1. Love rules minds
2. Love rules soul
3. Love rules hearts

Who is the director of Panjaban?

1. Harbhajan Mann
2. Gaurav Trehan
3. Parveen Trehan

Who plays the role of Karan in Panjaban?

1. Harish Verma
3. Sunny Gill

In the movie Panjaban, the character Gurjot is a…..

1. Engineering Student
2. Law Student
3. Doctor

More information and trailers - CLICK HERE

Remember to send details of a postal address along with your competition answer..If we have no address then we will move to the next correct answer with an address provided!

This competition is running worldwide, Punjab to Vancouver, so get answering!


Send your answers to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

( You MUST Be Registered On The Site To take part in this Giveaway )

Competition Close - 30.05.10

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