Introducing Khalsa Aid Charity

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Khalsa Aid (KA) is primarily a humanitarian relief agency, based on the teachings of the Sikh Gurus who preached the well being of all humanity. KA was launched in 1999 to mark the 300th year anniversary of the Khalsa, by providing cross border humanitarian relief and raising the awareness and global profile of Sikhs worldwide.

Supported by the Sangat Khalsa Aid has launched 19 International Emergency Relief Missions over the last 11 years:

1999: Albania - Kosovan Refugee Aid
1999: Turkey - Earthquake Relief
2000: Orissa, India – Typhoon
2001: Gujarat, India – Earthquake
2002: DR Congo - Volcanic Eruption
2003: Somalia - Water Purification
2003: Kabul, Afghanistan - Refugee Aid
2004: Tsunami Islands
2005: Pakistan – Earthquake
2006: Indonesia – Tsunami
2007: Punjab - Punjab Floods
2007: Pathargaat (Dhaka,Bangladesh) - Cyclone
2008: Punjab, India - Drugs Abuse
2008: Madya Pardes - Water sanitation project
2009: Panja Sahib, Pakistan  - Displaced Sikhs
2009: Pakistan - Assisting internally displaced Sikhs
2009: Cambodia - Orphan children

Present: Punjab, India - Sponsoring Sikh Children
Present: Haiti – Earthquake

Tony Blair referred to Khalsa Aid as one of the "great humanitarian enterprises which bring relief to those who are suffering" and invited Khalsa Aid to a series of seminars (2009) hosted by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Tony Blair 'Faith and Globalisation' lecture (Thursday 3rd April 2008)

Focus Punjab

In Punjab there are many issues which are affecting and undermining the Sikh way of life such as drugs abuse, alcohol abuse, and lack of education institutions, HIV-AIDS and the rise of anti Sikh elements that have launched misleading social programmes to entice the poor rural Sikh community away from Sikhi. 

Christian Missionaries are converting Sikhs in huge numbers by offering those in poverty and with serious illnesses, financial and medical aid to convert. Many converts that Khalsa Aid met and interviewed in 2009 were once devout Sikhs but without support, having fallen on hard times had to make difficult choices. One example is Shinder Singh (right), a once devout Sikh who had to convert to Christianity to receive medical care.

Khalsa Aid has launched a huge project (Focus Punjab) in 2009, in Punjab, to tackle issues of poverty, drugs and literacy. Khalsa Aid is sponsoring the education of Sikh children and supporting their family (food and medical), giving the Punjabi people an alternative to religious conversion.

Currently 60 children are sponsored through the program, and we hope to expand this greatly with the sangats help.

“Punjab is the World’s No 1 transit point for opium”, World Drug Report, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) 2007.

70% of families surveyed by the Punjab Government had at least one drug addict in their family (Indian Express, May 22, 2009)