Introducing Manificent

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Manificent, an up and coming singer from New York , has always had a passion for music. Specializing in the harmonium (piano) as a young student in Chandigarh(india) , he fell in love with music, and quickly added singing to his repertoire. He spent many hours soaking up the diverse music that is so common to Punjab- music that would become the basis for his own style.

At the age of 18, while living in the US, Manificent threw himself into music full time. He put in four years of dedication to improve his vocals and his musical talent, while he perfected a genre he had invented for himself- a mix of his Punjabi heritage and the Hip-Hop/ R&B rhythms of his new homeland.

Then, at the age of 23, while looking for someone who could help him get his music career really moving, he stumbled upon Sunny Brown, a producer and singer in Toronto. Sunny Brown was really impressed by Manificent's dedication and creativity. He saw a great raw talent in him. Bringing him to Toronto, Sunny Brown helped him get started on his first recorded single. The result, a traditional Punjabi song with western influences weaved in, proved that duo had great chemistry. In collaboration with Sunny Brown, Manificent, the musician had been born.

With inspirations as diverse as (Late)Nusrat fateh ali khan, Surjit Bindrakhia, Timbaland, and Usher, Manificent’s aim is to mix genres and create new sounds in a way that enhances his music. “I don’t want to be confined to one type of music,” he says. “I like to experiment and take risks. And watch those risks pay off.”

Very soon, he will be releasing his debut single, while him and Sunny Brown are working on a full length debut album. Look for this inspired musician to make strides in the music world in North America, the UK and Asia.

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0 #4 unhappy 2010-05-06 11:56
The industry have become a joke. Autotune? Come on!!!
0 #3 amzz 2010-04-22 21:29
badd trackkk :) proppa gurdd
+1 #2 bukan 2010-04-18 18:12
cant wait for this, when it coming?
0 #1 Lucky178tb 2010-04-17 02:07
This is a SICKKKK track !!

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