Wolverhampton Actress’ Acting Dream Comes True with International Release

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Mandy Main

Wolverhampton Actress’ Acting Dream Comes True with International Release

From Wolverhampton to World Domination!

When a young Mandy Takhar from Wolverhampton spoke about wanting to become a famous actress in her school days her peers would snigger at her high hopes and think she was living in a fantasy land. But now the very same Mandy has struck gold and turned her fantasy into reality by playing the lead actress in an international film release.

Mandy is all set to star in a Punjabi Film being released here in the UK, all over India, Canada, Europe and many other countries across the globe. Punjabi cinema has become so huge over the past 5 years and now the very same Mandy plays the lead actress in the infamous Babbu Mann’s new film ‘Ekam – Son of Soil’.

Speaking about the film Mandy Takhar said, “I really enjoyed the experience of working in Ekam and am really looking forward to its worldwide release. I always dreamed about becoming an actress and hope Bollywood is my next step. I haven’t given up on my dreams and encourage other girls not to either. I am living proof that dreams can turn into reality.”

Mandy travelled to Mumbai over 4 years ago leaving behind her familiar surroundings of little Wolverhampton and her family & friends to fulfil her dream. She has since been living and working in the hustle & bustle of Mumbai as a model and an actress starring in regional South Asian films.

The stunning & gorgeous UK born & bred actress was noticed by the film-makers of ‘Ekam’ and auditioned for the role, which was immediately offered to her. She plays the role of Navneet a young independent city girl from a political background and is the main love interest of Babbu Mann’s character Ekam.

Ekam tells the story of Punjabi family relations & disputes. It’s a triangular love story with a hint of comedy. Ekam tells the tale of a villager’s life and the journey of a hero from the metro city to the village, where he helps poor farmers. Ekam makes the sacrifices others wouldn’t to help the villagers. This film has everything to keep the family entertained; fun, laughter, tears, comedy, delightful songs, romance & even heart break.

Babbu Mann is one of India’s finest and most popular international singers in the world and has recently also shown his talent towards acting too having released a number of Punjabi films too, such as ‘Rab Ne Banaiyan Jodiyan’ & ‘Hashar’.

‘Ekam’ is already being dubbed as his best movie yet and with its international release fast approaching for the 23rd April, Mandy Takhar is all set for international stardom.


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