Small Heath Community Unites for Desi Donor’s Appeal for Amun Ali

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UK organisation Desi Donors had another successful recruitment clinic in Birmingham yesterday (Sunday 28th March 2010) at the Small Heath Leisure Centre in Birmingham. The Bone Marrow recruitment clinic held in appeal to help find 10-year-old Amun Ali appeal saw over 150 people attend and 76 register to the Anthony Nolan Trust Register.

This is the second recruitment clinic Desi Donors have held to help find Amun Ali a suitable match in Birmingham. The first appeal took place in November last year in Smethwick where 75 people signed up to the bone marrow register.

Amun Ali, who is from Small Heath himself sadly wasn’t able to attend the clinic because his health has been very bad over the past week and had to be given a blood transfusion on Saturday night. However his father made time to leave Amun’s bed-side at the hospital for a short time to come and show his support & express his appreciation.


Speaking after the recruitment clinic Amun Ali’s father Mr Khan said, “I’m really happy with today’s turn-out, 76 registrations is a great number and it’s great that people now know what becoming a Bone Marrow donor means. It’s not only just about Amun, there are so many other people out there in need of a match so I hope someone, if not Amun finds a match from today’s clinic.”

Desi Donors which was set up by Munjula Sharda and Reena Combo in July 2009 is an organisation dedicated to Donor Appeals for the Asian community. Speaking about the success of the registration clinic, Desi Donors said,

“The clinic has been really successful and we’re glad that so many people came to register. Even those that just came to find out more information and didn’t actually register have gone away with more knowledge about what being a bone marrow donor means. There is still such a lack of awareness amongst the Asian community and we still have a lot more work to do to help people like Amun find that life-saving match they need.”

Amun Ali, who lives in Small Heath, Birmingham, has a rare condition known as Severe Immune Deficiency. It is a condition that makes Amun very weak. For example: If Amun were to get a minor infection it would be extremely life threatening. Over the years Amun has been in (H.D.U) High Dependency Unit on many occasions, where minor infections such as chickenpox have got worse and put him in quite a bad state of health.