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Violence does not discriminate. Every 9 seconds a woman--regardless of race, economic status, or academic achievement--is battered in the United States. One in every four women (25%) will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and 1.3 million women will experience it in one year. The majority of these cases will go unreported because of fear--fear of being alone, fear of getting murdered for leaving a violent person, and/or fear for the children's safety. A growing grassroots organization in Central California, Jakara, hopes to be a part of the solution to domestic violence.


Chase Bank Community Giving is providing one million dollars to the winners of its Facebook competition. Voting is quick and easy. With your support, Jakara will build the first Women's Centers and Domestic Violence Shelters offering culture-specific support to families dealing with domestic violence and its consequences. Your participation is vital in the establishment of a number of key centers in California, helping marginalized, immigrant, and rural women.

The Jakara Movement is committed to ending domestic violence through a holistic approach, centering on women, men, and children, as well as the family as a whole. From January 15-22nd, you can say “yes” and become a part of the solution. Vote for the Jakara Movement and make change happen where hope is needed the most: America's families.

I just need about 60 seconds of your time and I'll try to keep it short. I'm sure all of you have heard of the Jakara organization. Chase bank is giving away a million dollars to a non-profit organization that can get the most votes.

They have chosen 100 groups and Jakara is one of them. If Jakara wins the competition, all of that money will go into:

Building a domestic violence center in the central valley.

Building a sikh history museum in California

We are not asking for donations... all we need is YOUR VOTE through Facebook. I hope you guys will takes some time out to follow the link below and vote for jakara.

Its really easy to vote, takes about 4 clicks of the mouse. go to and it tells you exactly where to click. Its easier if you're logged into facebook before you click on the image below.