Homeless Sikhs in Southall

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Did you know there are over 100 Sikh young men from Punjab living on the streets of Southall? We have encountered 2 men over the age of 55 living on the streets.

Where are they living?


In Dustbins
Disused Garages
Under Bridges

To cope many have turned to class A Drugs, such as Heroin and Crack Cocaine. The reason for this is to cope with the cold, to suppress their hunger and to help them sleep on the streets.

Many are suffering from serious health conditions such as Hyperthermia, Scabies, Gangrene and cannot get immediate medical attention.

What are we doing to help:

Providing Drug care.
Providing Clean clothing.
Providing Sleeping bags.
Providing Hot food.
Providing moral support.
Assisting with those who want to return back to Punjab.
Putting them in contact with health centers.
In the process of commissioning a documentary to be made to highlight the plight of these men.

What are the Local Gurudwaras doing?

Sri Guru Singh Sabah is making sure none of these boys get turned away for Langar and if they are unfit to enter Langar is provided outside for them.

Allowing us to appeal to the sangat for any kind of support required and highlighting this issue.

What are the local churches doing?

Providing hot meals.
Providing church halls for drop in centers for the homeless.
Hot showers.
Clean clothes
Counseling service.

As we know Christianity is a missionary religion which through its teaching aims to convert any individual coming through their doors.

To date we can confirm that they have converted 2 Sikh men through their love and compassion.
How many more will be converted.

Who will offer these boys help next? Mosques?

How can you help?

Contact us if you have any Jackets gloves scarves shoes etc.
Let us know if you have contacts that can help in any way ie:


Shower facilities




Any ideas are welcome and if you have the same issue in your own area we are more than willing to help.


We would like to invite you to a meeting that we are organising on WEDNESDAY 30th DECEMBER 2009 at 19.30 - SRI GURU SINGH SABHA GURDWARA Havelock Road, Southall, Hall 2.

We will be holding an open discussion to help formulate an action plan going forward to help the many homeless men and women currently living on the streets of Southall.

Please attend this meeting and pass this message to your friends and family to highlight this disturbing issue .

The time for action is NOW!! As we sleep in our warm beds, our brothers and sisters are suffering on the cold and wet streets.

If you have any information, questions or suggestions regarding Southall Sikh Homeless you can call or txt us on 07943118441.

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EVENT - We invite you to an open discussion to help formulate stratergies on how to help get the many homeless Sikhs off the streets of Southall

Groups name -
Help the SOUTHALL SIKH Homeless - S.W.A.T