Introducing Biti

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UK is traditionally known to have so much talent in Bhangra and Punjabi Music. In this context I haste to admit that I have no claims to make for any academic achievements in music or singing.

Everyone can sing; so did I and used to hum a tune or two back in my school days. In my early years my parents and those around me used to remark that my voice was quite shrill not knowing that one day I might put it to use for singing. Thanks to my friend Sunita who mentioned me to her cousin Raja, a music teacher at a Secondary School who gave me my very first break in virtually singing.

Thus ‘Shad Gaya Channa...’ was my first ever song to be recorded and that appeared in “Our Destiny” album along with some very good tracks from other artists. In this album there was another song ‘Nachnay Nu Jee Karda…’ and that also was a very popular song on radio as you all might know. There was a great video done on ’Shad Gaya Channa…’ and it was played on most Asian TV channels though edited to avoid a ‘violent scene’ in its end. It is shame though that the viewers could not see this video in its original entirety.

The video-song receives very good responses even now. In 2006 I was approached by Manchester duo called ‘Jinx’. They asked me to sing in a duet called ‘Gal Sun’ for their album “Culture Shock”. Everyone thought it was an average slow ballad and no one expected that it could be designated as the ‘Song of the Year 2006 on ClubAsia Radio’. I thank the Lord for His grace to have uplifted my humble spirits.

The music composition is so enticing that various listeners tried to remix it to their own liking, thus edifying the song to an evergreen one. Jinx did another album “Jus Jinx” and hoped to achieve another feat. I sang in this album the duet track ‘Tera Mera Pyar’. Not long ago I sang for Jags Klimax the track ‘Aaj Nachna Veh’ for his album “Jags Klimax, The Album”.

This song attracted even the BBC EastEnders, to play it in the back-ground in a couple of their episodes. Jags Klimax then asked me to sing an old version of ‘Aaj Meain Nachungi...’ for his popular Album “The Bollywood Project” and this has been appreciated a lot. 

I am so indebted to listeners who afforded me such great affection by appreciating my humble self through these songs. Now I wish that I may do a complete album with dedicated songs. I assure you with commitment, that given the chance, I shall put my heart and soul in the songs I sing for this new album. I am sure with the great music as before this album will surely do justice to your listening!


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Sk Gyal
+1 #1 Sk Gyal 2009-09-08 20:56
BiTi gOh 1 SiK voice...big talent there!

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