Introducing G Seagal

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G Seagal is a rising name in Punjabi music. He stepped into the path of music at the age of 10. His family used to sing and he used to give them company on the 'tabla'. This household hobby turned into an interest and he started to take tabla lessons.

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In school, G Seagal got involved in performing arts. He got the opportunity to host school annual events, perform in Bhangra groups and even sing. His energy on stage was seen and recognised by all. He took part in various competitions and came out with flying colours.

Though at that time his interest lied in being a musical instrument artist, it didn't take long for the singing talent to come to surface. He also got involved in writing songs and melodies.

His dream seemed a possiblity when he met Tejwant Kittu at a reality show. Tejwant Kittu was taken by his energectic performance. With every round he was given an oppurtunity to show his talent to the judges and impress them. His strength to perform in Punjabi and Hindi both made him appealable to a wider range of audience From there Tejwant Kittu decided to take him under his shadow and work with him in the future.

G Seagal is currently working with UK's finest music director Tejwant Kittu & DJ Nas from the internationally acclaimed Mostwanted DJ's on his forthcoming debut album.


0 #2 Amancrazy 2010-03-29 11:35
Wow G Seagal u r amazin.......u r in the right hands n workin wiv right team.Best of luck dude...........
given up
0 #1 given up 2009-08-05 21:29
seen him at plumstaed mela jumping around, not bad, have you lot got the track we can listen to

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