Introducing Avtar Rai!

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Avtar Rai

Avtar Rai is a Vancouver, Canada based artist who has put immense hard work in bringing out a blend of various east meets west coast beats!

Avtar Rai emerged onto the Desi Bhangra scene in the summer of 2008. A dream that started as a passion from childhood is now becoming a reality. Singing since he was a little child, Avtar made a decision towards the end of his high-school days that he would further pursue his dream to become a singer/lyricist.

Avtar Rai enrolled himself into vocal classes during high-school. With most of his family and friends there to support him, there was also no shortage of those who tried to deter him from going into this field.

Today Avtar is equally grateful to those who helped guide him away from singing since it fueled his motivation to achieve his dream even more. With his debut album, Just Rai, features not only Punjabi Bhangra influences but offers music in the Raggeaton and R&B genres as well.

With a total of 8 tracks on Just Rai, Avtar has written 4 of them including the inspirational track 'Baba Nanak'. Videos for the tracks 'Daru' and 'Gabroo' were also featured on Much More Music. Now this local act from the West Coast is looking to extend his exposure to Asia and the United Kingdom.

Avtar Rai is thankful to his family and friends who serve as a foundation for his success.

Watch out for Avtar Rai in the future as he looks to collaborate with other great artists in different music genres and represent the Punjabi music scene to the masses!



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