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mc awans


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» Album(s) Intro :
Album: TransPakistan
Artists: McAwans
Record: ACM Records, Inc - USA
Genre: Word/Punjabi/Ethnic
Track Demos & Info.............:
Release Date.............: Soon
Release Notes.............: COPYRIGHTED AND PROTECTED!
Quick Review:

TransPakistan contains 20 finest tracks in World Ethnic to Asian Fusion, giving exclusive tabla sessions,
exclusive Dj Sets, & exclusive ethnic sessions, all these tracks are good for anyone into chill/ambient to
world rythm and in the last we hope, you enjoy this Album
Quick Notes:

All Instrument sounds are professionally recorded, no synth have been used in order to produce low cost sounds!
» Introduction :

Mc Awans, two brothers started a journey in Pakistan to create something different, do unique experience, exploring every aspects of music style as saafis which means Travelling Musicians, every music they create shows great rythm, great tempo & finest mixing techniques never done before in Pakistan. Mc Awans are third generation in Acoustic field in their family business company, doing a proper study in the field of Acoustics & studio engineering, they know how to move a crowed plus how to generate really great taste. Mc Awans started music scene in Pakistan in 2005 introduced by Danny, doing underground singles, now working on their mixtape volume 1 which is named as "Asian Roots" have one of the finest tracks ever done in Pakistan or probably in the World. These brothers rap most in music instead of singing in Punjabi or in Urdu. Mc Awans genre is Oriental, Asian, Bhangra & unique experiments which show really good results.
Mc Awans name suggested because of emptyness in Pakistan's Mc Area, weakness in Rapping Industry in Pakistan, emptyness in Punjabi's Mc Area, whether in Punjabi or Oriental Style, emptyness in Producing Punjabi's Track because of this various Pakistani Punjabi tracks have been copied internationally. These brothers started folk remixing & showed not only POP can be done in Pakistan by young boys, many undefined categories need fresh, hardcore talent so it can be fullfilled by good standards

» Tracks:

1.  2point2 Solar Hour
2.  Asian Spice        
3.  Blue Sound        
4.  Dhol Jam          
5.  Magic Touch       
6.  Master CinemaScape  
7.  Heavy Duff Jam (dufli)  
8.  Pakistan Express   
9.  Raw Flute          
10. Remediation Sarangi
11. Remediation Sitar
12. Tabla n Sitar minimal funk  
13. Punjabi Morsing Jam (World Ethnic)
14. Mystic Chant     
15. Chill Lounge      
16. Stone of heart     
17. Tabla Vibe         
18. Skip On My Beat    
19. Exotic Colors        
20. Desi Party         

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Touch_Of_Sufism_-_McAwans.mp3{/audio} (Listen Here To Listen to Touch Of Sufism)

{audio}media/Music/July09/Sitar_Madness_-_McAwans.mp3{/audio} (Listen Here To Listen to Sitar Madness )

( New Single added above (22.06.09), this is a said to be, "HEAVY FUNK,GARAGE TO HEAVY DNB WITH SITARS AND BREAKS...")


0 #3 2009-06-24 11:03
loving this, thanks for sharing
Main azhar
0 #2 Main azhar 2009-06-22 17:14
cool work these guys hav going there. loved their every single track.
0 #1 2009-06-22 14:40
damn loving the new track, "HEAVY FUNK,GARAGE TO HEAVY DNB WITH SITARS AND BREAKS... it sure is ;-)

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