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Introducing Marshaan



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Name is Marshaan, I am a singer/songwriter in Soul, RnB, Pop and South Asian Genres of Music.

Career in music has been short, it all began with a few of my friends back in 2006 they commented on my good voice, all because of a Stevie Wonder song, which was being sung on TV at the time.

Writing wasn’t a problem as Marshaan wrote poetry in his spare time, so with these poems, turning them into musical melodies was natural. By doing this, software was bought, with a microphone, and began to sing over a constant loop. In this, emotion inside  was found through music.

In 2006, pursuing music is a full-time passion now, and defied every Asian stereotype out there!. Also in 2006 recorded demo’s was sent out to CM musical college IN Central London. Through this an acceptance was made on to the Sound-Start Course, from this followed an acceptance into University studying BA Commercial Music Degree, in September 2007.

Musically from this a personal introduction was made to a producer called Daniel Scording ( Started recording straight away with Daniel Scording producing all material, lyrically all material has been written by Marshaan to date. Not only singing and songwriting is a passion, playing instruments such as guitar and piano has also taken a big part within my musical career.

“This is the beginning; I’m the new kid on the block” - Marshaan (