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Introducing Rapper Asi Khan


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Rapper Asi Khan, born and raised in Norway started rapping in 2003 with Colourful Nation known as the CN Crew which had 7 members with all different ethnic backgrounds. Some of the CN crew members split apart and now the collective of 3 members is known as "Streetlogic". They rap in languages such as Norwegian, Persian and Punjabi. Lately Asi Khan has been focusing more on his solo career. He chose to rap in Punjabi because he truly believes in his culture and is deeply connected with his roots. 

Asi Khan first step into the underground desi-music world was with his debut on Fauji Djs Miztape 'Hip-hop Vol1' which was released towards the end of February 2007. In April 2007 Asi Khan was announced as a Future Friction on The BBC UK Asiannetwork charts. From there he grew and succeeded more then ever. He also got titles such as the weeks newcomer, one of the top 5 on their charts and the Artist of the week which means Future Friction. Since then his music has been all over the internet and has also appeared in a few different mixtapes. 

He grew up listening to music such as the Bollywood music, Qawali and Bhangra which was where he got influenced from. He used his influence and turned it up a notch to make it into something that described who he was; The Real Him. He took the two things that were the most important to him; his roots and the reality and so came up with Desi hiphop in which he has excelled in so far.