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Introducing Faze Black (Promo)


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Faze Black

Faze Black was born and raised in South London, England. Faze Black had a clear passion for music and the arts from a very young age. This came with no surprise as music and the media have been in the blood since the beginning.

Faze Black talents as a singer was spotted in the early years at primary school. He began singing in assembly’s and learnt how to play instrument such as (guitar, violin, piano) Later, Faze Black took a break from singing and began experimenting with MC-ing for which he won contests that led to his debut with DJ Danger on Choice FM, London, England. Faze Black also educated himself, by completing a degree in Business and Accounting.

While studying, Faze Black decided to go back to his roots and seriously began to pursue a career in singing and music, much to the advice and encouragement from all those around him. During these years, he wrote his eagerly awaited single ‘Dil Nachda’. Faze Black took his passion to another level when he took up producing and writing more music. To recent days he is getting vocal coaching from those who have trained the likes of Leona Lewis and singers of the same caliber.

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With constant encouragement and help around Faze Black, He is set to releasing his debut single ‘Dil Nachda’ produced by industry renowned producer Harvey Sahota, in his first time ever collaboration with a UK Artist. The single has been heard by mains in the industry and predicted as a Smash Hit. This is one of many collaborations taking place with the artist Faze Black.

Faze Black is working on his forthcoming album that will no doubt be to the delight of keen music listeners worldwide.

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