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Introducing Bhangra Niche

They are are currently producing our new and revolutionary album compilation a fusion of Bhangra v’s Bassline, you may have heard some form of this particular style on the internet done by bedroom dj`s but even though there ideas may be good, the production is not.

bhangra niche

Here now with our Experienced Production Team with the finest Producers and DJ’s i.e.Moss Da Boss,Freddo,Mr V,Booda,DJ Jamie Duggan,Burga Boy,DS1 etc, we as a team are breaking down the walls and lifting up the floor boards (chak de fatay)as they say in Punjabi to bring you this inevitable sound everybody has been waiting for BhangraNiche.

This project is officially supported by the Niche Team Sheffield, who for the last 13 years have kept the Bassline Scene alive single handidly,which has come around whole circle to hit the charts again with hits from T2 (Heartbroken) H20 and (Wide boys) etc.., These associate DJ’S, Producers are busy remixing for Rhianna, Snoop Dogg,Estelle and are signed to the ministry of sound we say no more!Except watch out for Bhangra Niche, this is already making waves and like anything new the powers that be are getting uncomfortable!!

We would appreciate your support!

We believe that this no doubt this will create waves in the asian music industry and further unleash talent from UK Asian artists!

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