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[Review] Yasir Hussain


Yasir Hussain's voice is pure artistry with his raw melodic vocals that are a refreshing find in this industry - particularly for his age.

The Kashmir born artist Yasir Hussain’s music is an ode to the Sufi genre. Rooted in Punjabi folk, his style exudes classic stories and emotion, which attract listeners all around. Yasir’s voice is pure artistry with his raw melodic vocals that are a refreshing find in this industry - particularly for his age. The fact that he is only at the start of his professional career is truly remarkable and his career progression will be exciting to witness.

The folk singer shone in his UK tour in 2022. Not only is his voice powerful, but Hussain has proved that he is also a performer. His energetic stage performance manages to elevate his vocals to another level and delivers us an exceptional and lively experience and I look forward to see him again live.

His hit song, Tappe, is a true homage to the traditional Punjabi folk music style. Based on love and sorrow, it allows his listeners to deeply connect with the lyrics. I see why his performances are so powerful; it unites people where they can come together and sing. It is no surprise that it has almost 7 million views on YouTube.

A personal favourite track of mine is Shehar Chandighar Challe An, (with over 5 million views online.) His harmonic voice brings to life the heart of Chandigarh and makes those of us who have been there – reminisce the beautiful city. Hearing this live was very captivating and the upbeat style made us all want to join in and dance – epitomising the true nature of Punjabi music.

Watching him propel after coming to England has been heartwarming to see. From his humble beginnings and grass roots background – to seeing him on the popular Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV and many other Punjabi channels; just shows us he has an extraordinary talent and can go much further. In fact, I would welcome him to branch out more. I genuinely believe Yasir will breathe new life to Punjabi folk music. He has the talent to produce his own new sub-genre or genre in the upcoming years and I cannot wait to see how he inspires a new community.

Article by: (Born in Punjab Mandi Gobindgarh, Daljit Neer has been in Leicester for the last 38 years and is recognised not only in Leicester but in the whole of UK as sucessful singer, actor, radio and tv presenter.)

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