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Introducing Yasir Khan


After great succes with bhangra & niche Yasir has now turned his attention to hip-hop, remixing songs like Candyshop, This is how we do & U n dat booty.

Yasir has also added to his already huge Niche collection with a Sohniye niche remix and a Gangsta re-fix, also giving  the hugely famous pakistani song Kala joda a remix aswell.


Yasir's next project will be Bollywood , which he is currently working on.  But Yasir's main focus now is going to be his untitled debut album which he started recording last month.


Yasir wants to 'bring back the bhangra' to all the bhangra lovers (which includes himself).  So watch out for Yasir Khan in the near future!!

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Enjoy his latest remix ..

Title - Yasir Khan presents ...

Released - 01-06-08