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Introducing Sensazn Magazine


Sensazn Magazine – (Pronounced Sense-Asian) is a brand new FREE A5 Glossy Publication aimed at British Asian’s for monthly release across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford and areas with a large Asian population.


Sensazn Magazine



The magazine will be aimed at 18-28 year olds regardless of gender or religion. Sensazn Magazine will be launching in Mid June 2008, and will be available to pick up from local Community Centres, Universities, Libraries, Café’s and Bars, Fashion Stores, Music Stores and from other local outlets as well as having an online presence. Sensazn Magazine will also be present at many of this summer’s mela’s, where a free copy can be picked up.

Sensazn Magazine will through part of its content aim to showcase, new and undiscovered British Asian talent. This category would primarily be looking at those that want a career in music and creative arts hence using Sensazn as a platform for which they can progress and get noticed within the industry. This includes up and coming Models, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Writers etc.

Sensazn hopes to promote artists that would not have had the chance to be promoted otherwise. We hope that through our interviews and feature’s the artist will have an opportunity to continue their progression via radio interviews, local paper’s and other forms of media etc.

Whilst primarily focusing on British Asian music, Sensazn will also showcase new Asian entrepreneurs who are setting up business or such, which will help them move forward as well as get others involved.

By featuring such articles we hope it will provide inspiration and encouragement for British Asians to move into areas of work they may not have tried before, and be confident that it can be achieved. This also allows them to take pathways into the Arts and Media sector, something which many may not have considered previously.

Sensazn will also include within its content recent news and developments in the general and mainstream music scene, this includes music from all genres and artists from all backgrounds. Sensazn’s lifestyle and entertainment section will look at the latest Fashion, Films, Humour, Gadgets, Problems and other such cultural and entertainment pieces.

Sensazn Magazine will promote in breaking stereotypes that affect Asians, and work towards giving people a chance to achieve what they aspire to do. This in turn gives chances for others, not just Asians to get involved in the media and discover the way it works and runs, as well as giving readers from a non-Asian background a deeper insight into the British Asian Lifestyle, to which many people can relate.

Having already been covered in Local Papers and Radio Stations Nationwide, whilst also working with new artists, the team behind Sensazn Magazine hail from various backgrounds, many involved in previous magazine and media projects as well as music and arts, Sensazn will the first stop for new British Asian talent to showcase their material.

W: – FULL REVAMP soon.

T:  0845 226 0689

Facebook: Sensazn Magazine