Introducing Desi Unplugged

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We are proud to be associated with, DESI UNPLUGGED The HIT TV SHOW pumping out a half hour of hypnotic Bhangra Music Videos to the West Coast television audience. 

"It's all about working together, and and DESI will no doubt be supporting each other for many years to come" says Harmail Chatha.

About them: 

DESI UNPLUGGED premiered in June 2007... became an instant hit with the California audience, and has kept viewers raving about its easy going, comedic style, while digging on their favorite Bhangra Music Videos from their homeland... India.
CAN'T GET ENOUGH... With the help of KBTV, the show's Host and Creator, Harmail Chatha has now made DESI UNPLUGGED available 24/7 on Comcast ON-DEMAND... The FIRST EVER BHANGRA show to be featured on Comcast's ON-DEMAND programming in California.
Due to the OVERWHELMING SUCCESS on the West Coast, The East Coast was craving a taste of this phenomenon, and in March 2008 the show expanded... and DESI UNPLUGGED is now available in New York and New Jersey on Jus Punjabi TV.
We thank YOU!! And will continue to bring you the very BEST in BHANGRA... Tell a friend! 


Amit Singh
0 #3 [censored] Unplugged SupporterAmit Singh 2008-03-31 00:01
[censored] Unplugged is a sick show.
The best part is its hosted by Harmail Chatha! B)
0 #2 Aman 2008-03-29 18:58
Hey this our local show here in California. Great to see [censored] Unplugged and Harmail getting some exposure in the UK and on the International front.

Keep up the good work Harmail, great show!!
0 #1 Anita 2008-03-26 09:55
Good to see this combination and his shows are really good!

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