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Introducing Asha Jassal (Promos)

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Tell Us About Youself ..

UK born Asian singer/songwriter who has made it her mission to capture the attention and hearts of people all around the world with her latest song - Asha for Peace. Her talent for singing and song writing from only eight years of age helped launch her music career with her debut album YOURS TRULY.

The video highlights the innocence of the children as they go about their daily lives, and as they pray for a better tomorrow.


Your Music Background?

My father always had the harmonium out and also sang at any events.  Our functions always had many famous gazal singers 'ANUP JALOTA' just to name one. 

Was That It?

My interest took me further as I began performing at school and local events then dancing was always my showcase.  Growing up I recognised my talent for writing then was long stories which I soon began breaking down into poetry!

The Begining ..

After I was discovered and guided by some regga artists at a black record company I used to work for, I was encouraged to work with a producer and thats where my first song came about called 'Breakloose'.

The Big Break!

After knocking on doors I met 'Kuljit Bhambra' who gave me a chance after hearing my material and vocals we released an album together called 'Yours Truly' a few years ago very Hindi pop, western and regga fusioned.




The New Project ..

After working very hard over the last few years on new material and new producers some from Mubai and UK, I am putting together my new album. 

About The Album ..

Vey mainstream with bollywood and western rnb fusions.  I have been inspired by alka Yaknik over the years and famous Lata and Asha.  Watching bollywood movies was a must in my family has a big feel in most of my songs.

The Style?

The album has flavours for all ages, very flexible with Hindi, Urdu and western vocals its a must for 2008.  My producers range from all ages so the input is very good!  My music friend and adviser Jay Kumar has also spent alot of time on it.  We hope to release soon hope to go work with many more producers in the future.

The Future?

My biggest dream is to go to mumbai and vocal a track out there.  I have already had many film producers interested in my material.

Good Luck To Asha on her upcoming album.