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Introducing .. The Xplosiv Family


Who are the Xplosiv Family, well for starters they’re not a terrorist organisation, they’re made up of a group of hugely talented Brit Asian Artists.

The Xplosiv Family began when three young guys from Oldham (Bosh, Blitz and Big Sam) met by fate and brought their talents together to form one of the brightest and biggest upcoming music organisation (Group), which consists of some of the hottest producers and artists in the northwest.

Noticing the scene was lacking British Asian talent in the North West, the founders of the Xplosiv Family 3 years ago, began a quest to achieve greatness in the music industry by promising to leave their own legacy. How they’ll leave their legacy is about to be witnessed.

In conjunction with their upcoming album “ignite”, music videos and singles are due to be released prior to the album. Currently the Xplosiv Family are shooting their video to their hotly anticipated singles. The video is directed by the same team that has worked with industry artists such as Amy winehouse, so expect the video’s to be off the shizzle!!!

Being a Family, the group have not neglected where their roots are, working on side projects, offering young talent the opportunity to break into the music industry and create a young new fresh music industry.

What is next for the Xplosiv Family? The Xplosiv Family are looking to make a very big successful year with tours planned throughout 2008/2009.

Currently the Xplosiv Family are working on their forthcoming album “Ignite” which is due to be released in the summer of 2008. Their music has been making waves and has been well received by industry professionals such as record labels, Dee Jays, other producers and artist but has also blown up in the streets as their music consists of a hot, fresh and unique sound which has featured artists such as “Kostal” the Houston (USA) based group.

 Watch This Space For Promos Coming Very Soon ..