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Introducing Mün

Whats all the hype about?

Finally a Desi Rapper that has a official song with one of the hip hop heavyweights. No BS, no remix. See how the process went and how they linked up, also what more is in store for this young desi rapper.


Mün (pronounced Moon) represents the skillful yet defiant youngsters, equipped with a unique voice and a writing style like none before his time. Mün is a true New Jersey native. Having been born and raised in Jersey City, then moving to Irvington, and finally settling in New Brunswick, NJ; Mün shows flair in music, fashion, culture, and arts. His rhyme styles, easily catch the attention of any ear. Coming from a daunting upbringing, to being moved around; friendship and peace of mind, was something Mün never knew about. Like most other male individuals out there, Mün was very much into easy money. Doing things, that now seems appropriate from the community that he was brought up in.

From having family members shot to having survived robberies, a stabbing and numerous assaults, Mün has got a stronger mind frame then ever. Now residing in New Brunswick, Mün stays knee deep in studios to make an aspiration, dreamed by many, into reality. Mün heavily involved in the music scene, started R-M Productions, with another partner, doing multiple parties on a monthly basis in the Northern and Central New Jersey area. Expanding his market, he branched onto a highly influential Desi promotions group, Tribe Entertainment. After 6 years of amazing growth and continuous profit, Mün along with 2 other partners created Tribe Studios. The word of Tribe Studios, based in Central New Jersey, spread like wildfire. This was also the perfect place for Mün to cultivate his craft.



Being introduced to music since a toddler, with genres like Hindi, Rock, Disco, Pop, Soul and R&B, it is easy to see music is an integral part of Mün’s life.

Singularly, Mün has been tearing up performances on any stage he gets. Performing at venues from NYC, NJ, Pennsylvania, California and Florida (Speeed, Aqua Lounge, Platinum, Pyramid, etc.) to colleges (R.U., Middlesex CC, NYU, etc.); from state to state his rhyme styles of hitting tracks can consist of commercially, rugged, underground and even poetically sounding messages.

Recently linking up with F-PAC Records / F.R.O.G.G., he has emerged on numerous mix tapes which have been hosted by heavily known DJ’s (DJ Vlad, DJ Suarez, DJ Bobby Blast, etc.). Also while creating noise in the mix tape market, he has been locked in the studio, producing, writing and composing songs for his album as well as others. Most recent achievement has been getting in the studio and officially doing a song with Black Wall Street, ex-Interscope artist, The Game.

Under the BMI umbrella, Mün has networked and established good relations with the major music labels (Sony/BMG, Jive, Universal/Island Def Jam, SRC, Interscope, etc.) and worked with countless artists (signed to Major Labels and Indie). This young man seeks conquest on his journey. He not only wants to capture the hip hop market worldwide, but also wants tap into the international market and use his culture to make classic music. Mün comes to the world stating, "I am happy with my friends, family and what life is given me, but I will always strive for more – Let’s make good music."

Listen To The Track - LIKE US - Mün ft. THE GAME & Lix

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