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Killa Talent by Roach Killa!

Isolation days have definitely got the best out of artists and their Music. Stay safe at home everybody.

Today we all are sitting in our house with family and gadgets in hand thanks to the technology, we can connect with the artists by one click. Most of the artists are going live on their social media to make sure we all are entertained. Singer and Rapper Roach Killa from Canada has been doing a show called Killa Talent for the past 8 days. First half is reaching out to the fans with any talent like singing and next half hour with a celebrity artist. Roach made sure he connects with the fans via Instagram live but not just for his fans by inviting other artists to his Instagram account. It is quite difficult for an artist to go live and interact with the fans but what more can you ask for during isolation days?

A treat for the fans indeed. As an artist himself Roach understands what an artist needs and a fan wants hence he started with one of a kind Instagram and YouTube Talent show to showcase their talent and connect with the fans along with other artists. The show is a huge success and over 1500 tuning in the first day.

The Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B went live after the release of All Eyes On You Featuring Roach Killa himself, Juggy D, Jaz Dhami, Manj Muzik, Manmeet from Meet Brothers are artists who went live after that.

This Sunday we have Mumzy Stranger, then Raghav and a line up of surprise artists. Stay tuned to Roach Killa's Instagam account to know more.

Many others like DJ and Producer Bups Saggu have been making Music in Quarantine with live mixes and mashups. Bups Sagguand DJ Harpz are dropping a mix titled 'Mere Dad Nu', DJ Dips, Sunil Kalyan, Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar have gone live as well. Many more in the line for sure.

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