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SimplyBhangra.com Top #Bhangra Songs 'May 2018'


Every month SimplyBhangra.com will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of May 2018!

UpsideDown - Got It All ft. The PropheC & Sunny Leone

PropheC is an artist that brings Canadian music to another level. He has been producing great tunes over the years yet not been highly rated worldwide. ‘Got It All’ is a perfect summer anthem, with an amazing beat composed by UpsideDown featuring the gorgeous Sunny Leone.

‘You Know You Got It All
Akhan Naal Munde Tu Nachawe
You Know You Got It All
Akhan Naal Goliya Chalawe’

Ranjit Bawa – Simple Suit

This month Ranjit Bawa released his album ‘Ik Tare Wala’ which consisted of many great tracks such as ‘Jean 2’ and ‘Pagg Da Brand.’ However, ‘Simple Suit’ is one of the top songs of the month as the lyrics which have been penned by Maninder Kailey is a topic many women can relate to with their partner!

‘Ve Aap Laina Tu Hazaara Diya Jacketaa
Mera Simple Ja Suit Tenu Chubhda’

Mankirt Aulakh – Daru Band

Moving away from his romantic and gangster style songs, Mankirt Aulakh has released something very different. For the first time Mankirt has teamed up with video director Rupan Bal who is behind the videos of ‘Mundri’ and ‘Candlelight’ by G Sidhu. With a different video concept and music composition this has shown a new side of Mankirt and his capabilities as a singer. This change has been welcomed by his fans!

‘Daaru peeni band karti
Tennu vekh ke chadhe suroor
Peg laune band karte
Tennu vekh ke chadhe suroor
Daaru peeni band karti’

Bups Saggu ft Sahib - Hor Ni Peeni

One of the top UK DJ’s Bups Saggu has teamed up with Sahib for another dancefloor banger ‘Hor Ni Peeni.’ This is another track which you must add to your playlist at weddings/parties as the lyrics penned by Binder Nawepindia will make all the drunk men want to go onto the dancefloor.

‘Hor ni peeni, chadhgi oye
Hor ni peeni... haaye!’

Gippy Grewal, Mannat Noor - Kurta Chadra

The Punjabi movie ‘Carry On Jatta 2’ released on 1st June 2018 featuring Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa and more. Many songs from the film released in May such as ‘Gabru,’ ‘Bhangra Pa Laiye’ and ‘Kikli.’ However, Mannat Noor and Gippy Grewal’s ‘Kurta Chadra’ was a track which stood out. The combination of the lyrics and the setting of the video which has at times been shot in the fields makes the video more enjoyable to watch.

‘Jatt Te Jawani, Jive Suraj Te Laali,
Rakha Kurte Chadre Paa Ke.’