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Introducing Avkash Mann

Harbhajan Mann a phenomenal singer who has won hearts for decades introduces his son Avkash Mann who is going to pursue his career as an artists, after just completing his studying at University of Toronto.

Harbhajan Mann, the talented singer, a handsome and charismatic actor is also known for his amicable and obliging attributes. He always has helped others find a way to their dreams and have encouraged the individuals who seek becoming a Singer or an actor. From time to time he had introduced talented artists in his movies too. He indeed is a man of gentleness.

Recently Harbhajan Mann introduced his eldest son Avkash Mann, from a happy family of three children. Harbhajan along with his wife congratulated Avkash for completing his studies at the prestigious University of Toronto. Harbhajan mentioned Avkash's interests and passion as an artist.

Avkash has got very attractive looks to be actor and he certainly will be making debut in film industry soon as the Harbhajan's social media message points to.

Our heartiest congratulations to the family and best regards to the young lad to march towards his dreams.

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Snapchat- avkash.mann