Seasons of Satinder Sartaaj (Maharaja Tour)

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Satinder Sartaaj is what he writes, portrays and sings.

Working as a professional in music field, that too with creative thinking requires a tough skin, and the music industry is no exception. Everyone is bound to face more than a few bumps in the road. The thing is to deal with disappointment and progressively moving toward your goals without getting side-tracked. Indeed it is a tough job but one has to overcome the fear.

He is what he writes, portrays and sings. With doctorate in Music and experience as music teacher in Punjab University, an esteemed educational organisation, Satinder Sartaaj has vast expertise in Sufi and Folk music, weaved in profound lyrics. Every song from his pen is a flower that blossoms in the spring.

Sartaaj evoked massive curiosity in the Punjabi music diaspora with his debut album "Sartaaj" in 2010; He gained fame with his hit song "Sai" which pushed everyone in a spiritual trance.

Delivering back to back hit albums like "Ibadat", "Cheerey Wala Sartaaj", "Afsaaney Sartaaj De", "Hamza" . "Rangrez" and "Hazarey Wala Munda" he is one of the most recalled artists from Punjabi Music Industry. He is known for his amazing compositions and rich content lyrics and has showcased the mixture of feeling in every relationship, be it fight or happiness, love to enjoyment.

This season, Sartaaj has come back with his new album “Seasons of Sartaaj".

"Seasons of Sartaaj" is sprig of romantic melodies from his Musical Journey. The first track "Main Te Meri Jaan" from his album was already out this Valentine’s Day, which has made everyone fall in love. The collection of seven romantic songs which portray different shades of love.

The big news about the album isn’t its title, or even its existence "Seasons of Sartaaj' reflects the experiences from the Journey called life.

The sadness/separation of beloved love reflects the autumn.

The summer like heat of positivity and encouragement.

As cool as winters, being focused on our aims.

As spring that invokes the rays of hope.

The album represents Punjabi calendar months namely Phagun (ਫੱਗਣ), Chet (ਚੇਤ),Vaisakh (ਵੈਸਾਖ), Jeth (ਜੇਠ), Harh (ਹਾੜ), Sawan (ਸਾਵਣ), Bhadon (ਭਾਦੋਂ), Assu (ਅੱਸੂ) and Katak (ਕੱਤਕ).

"Sartaaj" has earlier made his debut in a Hollywood Movie "The Black Prince”, based on the life story of Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Sikh Maharaja; released less than a year ago. The movie was screened at Cannes Film Festival, making Sartaaj the first ever turbaned Punjabi Artist that made his way to the Red carpet.

Satinder Sartaaj will be now performing in UK on his upcoming musical tour. Organised by Star Plus and powered by Sky Star media, with online Media Partner which is leading Music portal for South Asian Music, the tour is named as “Black Prince- Maharaja Tour 2018”

The "Black Prince Maharaja Tour 2018" will be presenting the charismatic poet with his infamous hits as well as new material.

Despite the commercial success of his projects, his songs have always motivated the entertainers, who indeed have always craved for more.


Star Plus and Sky Star Media are proud to announce the UK sale for the Satinder Sartaaj Maharaja tour 2018.  The tour which is set to hit 6 cities across the UK London, Birmingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Gravesend and Sunderland.

25th February 2018 – Gravesend – Woodville Theatre

1st March 2018 – Sunderland – Empire Theatre

3rd March 2018 – Birmingham – Symphony Hall

4th March 2018 – Leicester – Demontfort Hall

9th March 2018 – Wolverhampton – Grand Theatre

11th March 2018 – London – The SSE Arena


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