Evolution to Regression

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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” - Bob Marley Music transcends traditional divisions and aspires a sense of ethnic unity.
Bhangra often called as Asian Music, which derived its name from Punjabi harvest festival, has now crossed the boundaries and reached worldwide in the last 3 decades. Travelling to the east, its evolution has been continuously changing and challenging. Originally, an energetic beat with doublesided drum or dhol used to be performed on dhol with tumbi, Kato and algoza instruments, which is now being widely mixed with other traditional/folkloric instruments and electronic strings, drums and base.

Desi music can be attributed to the diaspora of immigrants from both to east and west Punjab to the United Kingdom in the 1970s or 1980s, which gave birth to fusion music and is now being referred to as “bhangra". This is how music has been in developments for decades.

As there is a saying "constantly evolving is an identity so is happening with the Punjabi Music.

The bhangra music being produced these days is not the original form, but inspired from the late 90s or 2000. Bhangra which was phenomenally popular in South Asia travelled to east and went under transitional changes mixing with multiple cultures and communities thus shifting from unison dance movements to club dance numbers.

The genuity of original punjabi music deepholds sufi/traditional/love/social contexts that coincide with ritual occasions.

Once a regional genre it now has a name in global music charts with its unprecedented success. It has travelled from rhymes to rhythms. Earlier, tends to be enriched in lyrics along with great musical compositions, these days emphasis is more on rhythms than lyrics.
But only tunes, wont help.By 2000, Bhangra music developed a North American and British market when Punjabi DJ's came into light. DJ's have been taking original music coming out of India and the UK and remixing it with their own style and flavor collaborating and showcasing raw talents.

From listening to visuals, music has evolved from tunes to frames. Cinematic representation can attract only if you have good music produced.Though there are artists and producers who are creatively working on producing genuine music and are sticking to the values, the music being produced in mass is focusing more on marketing and presentation but fails to impress the audience when it comes to showcase.
They should work more on quality and do more hardwork rather than just paid promotions and generating fake billboards. They are betraying themselves first then the audience or music lovers. They have to shift from lies to commitment and must remember, with this, in the long run truth will finally overtake them and everything goes in shambles. Disclaimer

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