Looking back at #Bhangra Legend Late Kaka Bhaniawala

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This month we will be looking at some of the legends in the Bhangra industry. Lets starts the month with the international Bhangra singer the Late Kaka Bhaniawala.

Artists such as Notorious Jatt, MC Special, Highflyers have had the privilege to work with the legend however unfortunately many missed this opportunity.

His songs are still very popular today such as ‘Jawani’ by DJ H and DJ Rags which still hits the dance-floor at parties and weddings. DJ Rags said ‘There wasn't any singer that could hit the high notes as he could.’

Epic Bhangra also had the honour to collaborate with Kaka for the track ‘Mukhada.’ I asked Epic Bhangra what one thing they liked about Kaka as a person and how did his songs impact the Bhangra industry? ‘I unfortunately never got to meet or interact with the man himself. All I know is I had the rare honour of working on his vocals and will always feel grateful for that. His legacy will always be cherished by all his fans (including me) forever.’

Also who can ever forget ‘Sahnevaal Chounk’ from the album ‘Word Is Born’ with Specialist ‘N’ Tru-Skool and ‘Daru Peeke Nachda’ alongside DJ Gurps.

The superstar will undoubtedly not be forgotten and hopefully his songs will also be heard and loved by future generations!

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